Making the Most of Duke’s first Snow Days

The 2016 edition.

The Dirty Devil | Will Walker | January 23, 2016

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At roughly 7 PM last Thursday, LMo confirmed everyone’s greatest hope: Duke would, in fact, be having its first snow day of the 2015-2016 academic year on Friday, January 22nd—and that’s not all, the snow continues to fall today! After much excitement and enthusiastic thank you messages to the men of Pike for summoning the snow gods, reality for many people across Duke set in: “what exactly can I do to maximize the frolicking, shenanigans, and laziness that are intrinsically associated with the winter wonderland that is a snowy west campus?” Don’t worry. The Rival’s got you covered.

In no particular order:

Go to Harris Teeter and frantically stockpile every microwavable mac ’n cheese pack you can possibly find in the freezer aisle because the 0.000002 inches of snow will close down every store in town. 

I’m not kidding about this one. In a frenzy akin to Walmart on Black Friday, people from all around Durham county will flood grocery stores to stock up on nonperishable goods like the apocalypse is imminent. Harris Teeter can be known to have crazy hours during periods of snow, so be sure to anticipate this next time a blizzard rolls through Durham.

Attend a “snarty”.

“What even is a ‘snarty’?”, some of you freshmen may be asking, or, more importantly, “Why haven’t I attended one?” As many of us upperclassmen know, Duke may be quick to cancel classes, but we’ll be damned if the snow gets in the way of turning up. Yes, we created a term specifically for parties on snow days. Duke students are so ridiculous that we actually trek through sub-zero (centigrade) temperatures to have social gatherings with our friends, many of which end up being outside. Definitely worth a shot to check out, but if you find that 5 layers of jackets, long johns and snow-themed activities can’t mitigate the impending frostbite on your fingertips, check back into your dorm for some hot chocolate and Netflix.

Sled through the Duke gardens.

The Duke gardens are, in many ways, ideal sledding spots for when the snow strikes. Gentle slopes, scenic backdrops, iced-over lakes that might engulf you in stingingly cold water if you slide across them: what’s not to love? Just be sure that you bring something to ride on to begin with. If you don’t own your own sled, word on the street is cardboard boxes work just fine.

Take a selfie in front of the chapel and then set it as your profile picture for the next 3 months. 

With bid day coming up for greek life and SLG’s, what better way to show off to your potential brothers/sisters than with a high quality snap of you posing in front of Duke’s most iconic building? You’re basically guaranteed to tow in the likes as long as you post a picture that isn’t grainy. If you’ve decided not to rush, don’t worry at all — this event is perfect for everyone! With a median of 179 likes and an interquartile range between 220 and 140, a nice pad to the like ratio is something everyone should do, you know, for themselves.

Sit in your dorm room all day and be annoyed as everyone from California or the South freaks out because “this is literally their first time having a snow day, ever.” 

As a California native myself, I can attest to how annoying I probably was when I experienced my first snow day. It happens. But if you hail from anywhere in the Northeast or Midwest, you probably find it humorous that we even consider sleet-like hail snow at all. Do your thing and quietly chuckle as people at Duke freak out over the 1 inch we get on campus while your hometown is pelted with 15 feet. We salute you.