Breaking: Fix My Campus Actually Fixed Something

Dookies | Jenny Changnon | February 16, 2016

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DURHAM, N.C. — The people behind Fix My Campus finally won this week after a long, tough battle against technology. The Duke community was shocked early this month when they found out that all the university computers had been changed to feature a zoomed in picture of Brendan Fraser as the desktop image.

“It just happened,” Trinity senior Bob Loblaw said. “One second it was the usual, default one, and the next, it was all Fraser.”

As students began to discover the change, panic erupted throughout campus.

“We just didn’t know how to handle it– we tried changing it multiple times, but it would only zoom in the picture even more,” The Link employee Ladd McFarland said.

Fix My Campus decided to pick up this issue as part of their “We Really Do Fix Things” 2015-2016 campaign. Their past projects under this campaign include shutting a window, flushing a toilet in Perkins, and melting the snow. “It just made sense, our community needed us,” said a Fix My Campus representative.

The group met with multiple computer science majors, the organizers behind Hack Duke, and various Pratt students in an effort to solve the problem, but still nothing worked. Meetings were also held with Campus Enterprises as part of a last resort.

“We met and collaborated with some of the best minds at Duke, and also Campus Enterprises, in an effort to fix this campus-wide issue,” wrote Fix My Campus in an email to The Rival.

Solace finally came when a Fix My Campus member accidentally unplugged a computer while trying to log onto Facebook. After that, all the computers just returned to normal. It was an Ash Wednesday miracle.