Sex Confessions: Round 1

You sent them, we published them.

The Dirty Devil | The Rival | February 28, 2016

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#Rival Confessions.

Welcome to the first edition of ‪#‎RivalConfessions‬. Starting this Sunday, our team here at The Rival at Duke will be educating you, challenging you, entertaining you, (and maybe even making you cringe) with our content on all things sex, love, and romance in our first ever Sex Week.

To those of you already cringing, we encourage you to remember: this is college. College is a place to get to know yourself – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically. Ain’t no shame in your sex game, no matter what that game looks like. So this week we’re here to make it that much easier for you to embrace the good, the bad, the incredibly awkward, and everything in between.

Here we go.



“I once wanted to have sex with a guy but I hadn’t shaved down there in weeks. We were making out but he hadn’t taken off my pants, so when he reached for a condom I ran to the bathroom to try and figure out what to do. I saw his razor (for his face) near his sink, so I quickly cleaned myself up, and ran outside feeling fresh and ready to get it on!”

-Wish I had been Prepared

“During blue devil days at the tender age of seventeen, I hooked up with a prospective baseball player after he bought me my fifth tequila shot at devines. We kicked his host out of his single and got it on like donkey kong until the fateful moment that I threw up pure Jose Cuervo on his dick. He decided to go to UVA.”

-Sorry Duke

“When people ask me where my favorite spot on campus is–the alcove between the chapel and Divinity school at 2am.”


“I lived with a really horrible roommate my freshman year–messy, unhygienic, and extremely rude. When she left for Winter Break the night before me, I had dirty, sloppy sex all over her desk. Didn’t make up for having to live with her all year, but it felt pretty fucking great.”

-Sorry Rachel

“On the crane.”


My roommate walked in on me and my partner doin it full on doggy style and we both made eye contact with her. Brought us closer than we ever thought we’d be.”


Had sex with a friend on another mutual friend’s front lawn…in broad daylight.”

Fun in the Sun

My Sophomore year I was FWB with a girl who I would have sex with in exchange for her doing my laundry.”


“I decided it would be hot to fuck the guy I was seeing on the floor of his locker room one night after shooters. The kinky jersey chaser in me just couldn’t resist, and it seemed private enough that we could get away with it unscathed. Before I knew it we were literally both butt naked banging on the bathroom floor. It was all fun and games till his teammate showed up to a surprise rug-burned ass in his face. Lesson learned though. Never have sex on a carpet.”

-Shaggy’s worst student

I had sex with a guy I met at cosmic in a laundry room on west because why not? He had me at ~queso~”




Keep them coming! Submit your best/worst/awkward/embarrassing stories to see them posted throughout the week!