Brett Finkelstein

  • Implications of the Year-End

    It’s time to face the facts, as we have finished classes and head into finals, that another school year here has come and gone. Self-reflection becomes necessary this time of year as we look back on

  • Duke 2015-2016 News Wrap Up

    Here’s your year-long cheat sheet amidst all the finals study guides of what’s been happening on our college campus. In no particular order... Where else to start than with basketball? U

  • Our Shared Language

    Of course, the autocorrect feature on our smartphones is nothing new, but the quick fixes reveal that there’s a special language here at Duke. Our shared language here at Duke goes beyond your class

  • Duke University, as told by an Instagram Top 10

    The expectations of college and how it’s represented via social media isn’t unique to Duke, especially when it comes to Instagram. It’s an opportunity to see what all the hype really is about. B

  • Terrorism and Facebook’s Temporary Profile Pictures

    When the infamous Paris attacks happened back in November, my Facebook, with all of the temporary profile pictures of the flag, transformed

  • I Love That You Hate Christian Laettner

    When it comes to Duke, people just love to hate. It’s especially true now, in the midst of March Madness with the NCAA tournament and the success of the Blue Devil me