• The Weirdest Places Duke Students Have Had Sex In

    Hooking up when you have a roommate seriously can be such a struggle. And let’s be real, there’s definitely a limit on how often you sexile the roomie (if you’re a semi-considerate human being).

  • Overheard At Duke 12.01.15

    Overheard on East: "Sorry guys, gotta suburban mom power walk to catch this bus.  See ya later!" Overheard at a Date Function:  "So,

  • Overheard at Duke 11.24.15

    Overheard at Mixer:  Sorority Girl #1: “Outside Lands was sooooo good last year. Black Keys, Kendrick, Jimi Hendrix…” Sorority Girl #2:

  • Overheard at Duke 10.17.15

    Overheard at a Pregame: “I’m going to teach my kids to play water pong from the time they’re five years old so that they’re really good in college.”  

  • Overheard at Duke 11.10.15

    Overheard in Perkins: “The worst thing you can do is let a girl know you like her.” Overheard in CompSci Office Hours: “Honestly, I

  • The Top 31 Halloween Costumes from Halloweekend

    The only thing that made Perkins bearable on Sunday was the constant stream of Halloween Instagrams from the night before. In typical Duke fashion, students were extremely dedicated, perfecting every