Jen Semler

  • Aww, You Guys Made Me Ink

    The Case of the Disappearing Octopus It was an ordinary night at the National Aquarium of New Zealand. The staff had left and it was quiet. So it came as a bi

  • Our High Schools Have Failed Us

    A really good article can change the way you think about something. I recently learned that a really bad article can do the same. I stumbled across one particularly anger-inducing article, as many

  • Just Kidding: Where do we Draw the Line?

    “I'm going to be nice tonight. I've changed. Not as much as Bruce Jenner, obviously. Now Caitlyn Jenner, of course. What a year she's had. She became a role model for trans people everywhere

  • The Feminism Conundrum

    Women have made incredible strides since the beginning of the feminist movement. We have broken barriers, challenged norms, and made our way into essentially every male-dominated profession. Except on

  • If I Were A Boy

    We’ve all heard about the suspension of the Duke sororities. Here’s the question that everyone is thinking, but no one is asking: What if it were a boy? That sin

  • The Presidential Candidates: Gun Control

    As I watch the 2016 presidential debates, I often ask myself whether these candidates are making empty promises. Are they just giving political answers to try to get as many votes as possible, or are