• Let's Get Weird

    “We formally request the pleasure of your company at the most mythical day of the school year. Please join us as we celebrate the wo

  • The Nuances of Privilege and Oppression

    Duke students are some of the most hated students in the country. Besides being hated for our killer basketball team and for having the best coach in the history of col

  • When the Sun Goes Down, the Squad Rolls Out

    Like a typical college student, Saturday night’s my favorite time of the week. Regardless of the destination, I know that with my crazy, high-spirited group of friends, I’m guaranteed to have a go

  • Her Dress Did Not Mean Yes

    “Did you see her that night? She was dressed like a slut with her entire ass and boobs practically hanging out her dress.” “And she was co

  • Go Greek or Go Home?

    Bid day photos. Frat bros are roaming around campus dressed as pirates and wearing only robes with slippers. Friendships are crumbling on East Campus. Everyone

  • What a Black Girl Wants

    “Normally, I don’t find dark girls attractive, but I find you attractive as fuck.” Regardless of whether you're the girl happily dancing in the cage every week or the friend