Laure Bender

  • Business or Pleasure?

    The dating scene at Duke can be pretty bleak. My friend, however, was just informing me that she was interested in a number of men. Their names you ask? J.P., Morgan, Bain. Wait, those are just the in

  • The Bachelorette Plays Real Life Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Each season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette promises to be more dramatic than the last

  • Romeo and Juliet: Duke and UNC Edition

    The Prologue Narrator (casting preference Jay Bilas): Two households, one above in dignity [cough, cough Duke] In Carolina, where we lay our scene, From

  • The Super Bowl's Real MVP

    The results are in. Technically, one of the teams won the Super Bowl (Broncos, Panthers…? I haven’t checked but I’m assuming Broncos since I haven’t been alerted by my friends about discount K