Reed McLaurin

  • Complicating the Refugee Narrative

    “When I wake up, everyday I remember what happened to me in the past in Iraq…My life stopped when my husband was killed.”

  • What's DukeImmerse?

    opeYou’re sitting on the C1 at the West campus bus stop casually scrolling through your Instagram feed. You sense a body approaching the empty seat beside you and loo

  • IFC frats vs. SLGs

    About a month back, I returned to my old home of GA to rep Brownstone at the first SLG info session. Honestly, it was kind of a surreal experience. There I was, uncomfor

  • Debate at Duke

    For better or for worse, we Duke students keep ourselves busy. With so many world-class academic and extracurricular programs at our fingertips, the pressure to make the

  • Playing "the Game"

    “Literally why would anyone minor in Canadian Studies? Like, why do we even offer that?” “She’s one of thos