Duke’s University’s First Kiss

We asked 16 strangers to kiss on camera. This was the result

True Blue | The Rival | March 1, 2016

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In cooperation with our friends at The Standard, we asked 16 strangers — diverse in race, sexual orientation, identity, and nationality to kiss each other for the first time on camera, united only by their affiliation as Duke students and their willingness to be vulnerable with each other.

The results were breathtaking. We were humbled, honored, and blown away by the beauty of each of the moments we share in the video, and we cannot thank our participants enough for their courage and willingness to participate.

In a campus that often espouses exclusivity, sexual gratification, and heteronormativity as the only meaningful avenues to express affection, our hope for this project is to encourage the Duke population to view vulnerability in a totally new light.

The human capacity for love is something we hope to celebrate and cherish — this week, and every week.

Keep kissing, Duke. Happy Sex Week.

-Your friends at The Rival