Fall Finals As Told By Mean Girls

Happy reading period! You go Glen Coco!

The Dirty Devil | Kara Perusse | December 5, 2015

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1. “Seriously, how much studying do you have to do?”


2. Insert Cook-Out and the answer is always “YES!”

giphy (2)


3. When you go to the review session expecting to learn something but just sit there like….


4. “Who here has been personally victimized by Duke Math?”

giphy (3)


5. When you are on the path to gaining “The Finals Five.” #StressEating

giphy (6)


6. When you get to the library only to find someone sitting at *your* study spot.


7. Giving yourself a pep-talk mid studying.


8. Guarding your spot in Perkins.


9. When you accept the fact that you should have started studying a long time ago.


10. Justifying your wardrobe choices like…


11. When there’s T-10 minutes until your first test.


12. Right before you take your hardest final.


13. How you feel during any Duke math/econ/chemistry/engineering/compsci final.


14. That moment after a final when everyone is discussing their answers and you have no idea what they’re talking about.


15. When your friends are out celebrating but you still have work to do.


16. When your friends leave for break but you still have exams.


17. Walking out of your last final. HELLOOOOOO winter break!



18. When you reflect on this past semester and realize how much you’ve accomplished. 


19. And then you realize you get to do it all over again next semester!

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