Reporting Live from Duke’s First Snow Day

This one's for you, Larry Moneta

True Blue | Brett Finkelstein | January 22, 2016

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Reporting live from Durham, North Carolina, the snow is falling (though I prefer to call it ugly looking icy rain), the ground is white (and brown), and all of us Duke students are soaking up the freedom of our first official snow day. Lucky for us, Larry Moneta knows how to do his students right and announced it the night before, giving everyone (ie freshman and engineers) the opportunity to take advantage of a Friday with no class.

So, what’s to report on this slightly gross but also slightly beautiful snowy day in the south?

Well, you can follow LMo’s suggestion for an epic snow movie marathon by following this link he so kindly provided in his email warning students to stay safe and stay warm (from me, I suggest watching Frozen). Way to go Larry, Netflix and very chill. Did I mention he let us know the night before? It really is a game changer for Thursday night.

If you’re bent on staying indoors and not feeling the movie vibe, get some friends together and start a game of Cards Against Humanity, aka the best, funniest, most borderline-offensive party game in existence. Alternatives include classic card games like Spoons, Kemps, or BS, OR if you’re feeling frisky, you can play other games that rhyme with Shmackjack or Shpoker*.

Or perhaps if you’re like me, you can play the fun game of “Crap, I didn’t stock up my fridge for this.” Some dining options are still open (Marketplace from 4-7:30, Dame’s Express, even Uncle Harry’s if you’re feeling domestic and want to buy some raw materials to cook for yourself). Or, you can slip on some sweats, a jacket, and your boots of choice and trek for something really good. Mad Hatter’s is just a short walk from east, and never disappoints. I wouldn’t suggest driving, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do for her daily eggs.

Now, if this is your first time seeing snow, we encourage you to freak out and take some pictures for mom and dad and, of course, Snapchat. If you’re really eager like some of my friends were freshman year (you know who you are) you can even put on a bikini top just for the instagram outside. For those of you from snowier parts of the world (@Colorado, @Michigan, @Northeast, @Canada,) we advise that you send pictures of the snow to your home friends and have a good laugh about the joke that is snow days in Durham.

But really, I suggest a good old snarty (snow-darty). Nothing says, “We go to a southern school that got 2 inches of snow so everything got shot down,” and that we can still make it to a destination to soak up the joy that is today’s probably over-cautious snow day, like a snarty.

Stay warm Dookies, and be thankful that Larry Moneta let you not set an alarm on this chilly morning. And here’s hoping that Sushi Love doesn’t break down from the amount of students that will probably try to order food delivery tonight post movie binges/ photo shoots/ snartying.

Snow is expected to continue into tomorrow. Stay tuned to The Rival for more live updates and love for Larry Moneta.

**The Rival does NOT endorse gambling… but you do you.