The Rival Network Presents: Sex Week 2016

It's here.

The Dirty Devil | The Rival Staff | February 24, 2016

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Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Starting February 28th, The Rival network is devoting an entire week to, you guessed it… sex.

Yup. Get excited. (But not too excited. I mean, you don’t want to poke anyone’s eye out with that thing.*)  This week we’re tackling virginity, hook up culture, love, sexuality, contraception, sex ed, and everything in between. But not only that — at the bottom of EVERY published story, we will feature your confessions. Your sexcapades. The stories that even your best friends don’t know, and the ones that would make your mother cringe.  

We want it all.

Submit your sex confessions below, and we’ll post the best ones at the end of every article next week. It is completely anonymous, so don’t be shy and hey, you can even use that stripper name you’ve been dying to find a non-stripping use for.


*joke credit Quinn Scanlan at GW