The Weirdest Places Duke Students Have Had Sex In

The Dirty Devil | Dirty Devil | March 4, 2016

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Hooking up when you have a roommate seriously can be such a struggle. And let’s be real, there’s definitely a limit on how often you sexile the roomie (if you’re a semi-considerate human being). But these Dukies refuse to be cock-blocked…

The Gardens 

“We had our formal in the gardens so it wasn’t like I planned it. I know for a fact we weren’t the only ones who did that night.”

Haystack at the Barn 

“There was a darty at the barn. One thing led to another. I got hay fever.”

Printing Room in Eden’s 

“I had sex in the printing room in Edens and ended up sleeping there and getting woken up to some girl printing something the morning like 2 inches away from me.”

The Guest Bathroom in My Dorm 

“I feel like this one is common when you’re a freshman. Can I still count it as weird?”

Sidewalk Outside the Compound 

“We were playing truth or dare, and I dared him to go outside naked and he did. And then he called me out and it just happened. We were clearly wasted. Two people drove by.”

A Random Dorm on Main Quad 

“We started off in a bathroom but since people walked in, our drunken selves proceeded to hook up in a random person’s dorm (It was LDOC). Sorry stranger.”

Shower in Randolph 

“My girlfriend was visiting and we wanted to hook up but my roommate was in the room. We decided the shower would be the next best option. We thought nobody knew but then the next day the guy on my hall walks up to me and is like ‘You dog!’”

The Stacks 

“It’s on the Duke bucket list thing- don’t judge me!”