Top Places to Cry on Campus

For when the stress of finals eventually hits you

The Dirty Devil | Kara Perusse | December 3, 2015

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Finals week is all about efficiently managing your time.  So, when you feel the tears starting to well up from stress, but don’t have the time to go to your room and cry, these are the places where you can cry instead.

1) Behind the Washington Duke Statue

IMG_3706 copy

This might sound like a bad place to cry, but let’s face it most people are too busy taking an Instagram pic of the chapel or looking to see if a bus is approaching the bus stop to even notice you.

2) Booths in the Edge

IMG_3652 copy

The plus side of this spot is that the sides of the booths will shield you from the wandering eyes of the tour group that’s guaranteed to walk by.

3) Main Stairwell of Perkins

IMG_3662-1 copy

You’ll be thankful for the prevalent use of elevators when you just need to let it all out and don’t want anyone to see your Kim Kardashian worthy ugly cry face. Once you’re done you can use this same stairwell to sneak back to your cubicle on the 4th floor and relieve that random person you asked to “watch your stuff.”

4) Table in Lilly

IMG_3672 copy

This is the perfect spot for anyone who isn’t too ashamed to cry in public. Just open your laptop and passive aggressively spread out all your textbooks and problem sets so that they take up 3 seats. People will assume you’re just really dedicated.

5) Corner Table in Vondy

IMG_3674 copy

One of the few places you can multi-task while crying. Just sip your double-shot latte and nibble on some pumpkin bread while the tears cascade down.

6) Orgo 2 Help Room

IMG_3699 copy (1)

A lot of crying happens here anyways. The more the merrier!

7) Office of Undergraduate Admissions
IMG_3735 copy

People will assume you were just rejected from Duke. Definitely a good cover story.

8) Market Place Stir-Fry Line

IMG_3725 copy

The majority of onlookers will think you’re just overly excited to get some teriyaki chicken before you go home for break.

9) ABP

IMG_3667 copy

The perk of crying here is that you can get an egg white cheddar avocado sandwich while you’re at it.

10) Wilson Treadmills

IMG_3716 copy

You can pretend that you just finished a HIIT class and are starting your “cool down.” No one will be able to tell the difference if it’s sweat or tears.

11) Third Floor CIEMAS Atrium


It’s essentially the same as crying on the first floor of Perkins but it’s on e-quad and the lighting is a lot better for your “I hate finals” crying Snapchat selfie.

So there you have it!  Those are the best places to cry on campus.  If you have a crying spot you’d like to share let us know in the SideBar.  Happy finals week!